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The Electroplating and Polishing Works, established in 1919 and has completed 86 years of hard work and service to countless clients, concentrated not only in Gujarat but scattered all over India. Though the name does not suggest its full activity and even misleading at times, we could not dare to change its name as this name enjoys widespread recognition.

In the beginning we were doing the job work of polishing and plating through a dynamo and plating plant of Canning, England. Then we stared manufacturing accessories for’ Victoria’ in the early days.

It has now its own moulding, machining, polishing, plating and electro phonetic plant for best quality lacquer coatings. In fact it is a pioneer in manufacturing lacquer-coated hardware in the market.

The year 1998 witnessed the turnaround of the company with the development of new state of the art designs using cutting edge technology and its own experienced think tank aided by honorable architects.

Due to its reputation and absolutely new type of designs and immense improvement in quality workmanship and finishing-it could withstand the international competition in the market.

Through its setup we are making lots of tailor made items, to satisfy our loyal/bulk clients. We are the only company, which can give complete range of hardware with any particular finish to its clients. So far as service is concerned; it is also the only company that has given free service to its past clients for at least 45-50 years. We have now started to give services on site and we have increase in the capacity. We are also giving the service, of refinishing the hardware to our past and loyal clients. By presenting its first catalogue we reach out to you through the print media. We are already accessible on the internet at Wish to have your constructive assistance at all times. ...